Keno variations

Keno variations Keno variations

Keno is a popular game all around the world also because of its simplicity. It is really easy to learn to play Keno since all you need to do is choose your numbers and the amount you want to bet and after just wait for the results. If enough of your numbers are drawn, you win!

Test you luck with Keno

Something important to remember with this game is, that it is truly a game of luck. You can’t affect on the results in any other ways but by choosing the numbers. Many players have their strategies to play Keno. Some players always play with their lucky numbers and some always let the computer to pick them up randomly. Despite your strategy, nothing beats the feeling when your numbers are shown in the results. Nowadays there are a number of variations of every casino game and new ones just keep appearing to the casino sites. Even keno has several great variations to choose from.

Choose the Keno variation that suits you the best

The difference between Keno variations is normally small. The games vary with the amount of numbers drawn, amount of chosen numbers and prices. The basic Keno is played with 80 numbers. Depending on the casino, players try to match the numbers with the 20 numbers drawn. All the casinos have different pay tables showing how many numbers are needed for the fist and other prices, and how much players can win. Different casinos offer different probabilities so it is good to look into their probability charts and pay tables and choose the one that offers the best chances for winning. It is also good to get to know each variation’s rules before playing since there might sometimes be major differences, and loosing because of lack of knowledge might be very disappointing.

The most common variations of Keno are Power Keno, Super Keno and Combination Keno. Power Keno is like regular Keno with one extra feature. If you have chosen the number that is drawn as the 20th and last number, your winnings for that round are quadrupled. Imagine if you got all the 20 numbers right! The same goes with Super Keno; all your winnings for the round are paid times four if the first number drawn is found on you selection. Combination Keno is little bit different. This variation is a bit more versatile since there are more ways to win. The player can for example select four groups with 6 numbers each. Go online and find the endless number of Keno variations. We are sure that you will enjoy the excitement no matter which version you choose!