Myth buster: can I win without depositing money

Generally, most people believe that you have to make deposits before you can acquire or withdraw real cash in casinos. Few years back, this was actually true because there was no way you could get to the level of withdrawing without making deposits first. However, most casinos no longer program their software that way. Every player can now play the casino games without having to make deposits. Not to forget that they also receive free cash on signing up to play the game

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about casinos no deposits bonuses are listed as

* What does a casino’s no deposit bonus mean?

* Is no deposit bonus a form of no wagering requirements?

* How do casinos allow players win with a no deposit bonus?

These FAQ will be answered in the subsequent subtitles and paragraphs.


What Does a Casino’s No Deposit Bonus Mean?

A no deposit bonus can also be called a "free cash bonus”. This means that the player’s account is awarded with free cash the moment they sign up. He does not need to make deposits with their own cash before he can play. Of all the promotions, campaigns, freebies and bonuses they offer, no deposit bonuses are the major offer of most casinos.

You can choose to either make a deposit or not in the future if you accept a casino’s offer of a no deposit bonus. It is not compulsory for you to pay any real cash if you use up your bonus. In fact, you can choose to walk away. In essence, a casino’s no deposit bonus is an offer made by the casino to the users for free as a form of gratitude for their subscription or loyalty.

Is No Deposit Bonus a Form of No Wagering Requirements?

Many Casinos now make sure that players can play and withdraw real cash without having to make deposits by removing their wagering requirements policy from their websites. Wagering requirements are always problems for many casinos and as a result, it makes casinos that have it, lose their players to other casinos that don’t have.

Many players who always want to withdraw their winnings always end up disappointed by wagering requirements. Therefore, to adequately make use of a no deposit bonus, most casinos had their wagering requirements removed. This means that a “no deposit bonus” can mean “no wagering requirements”.

How Do Casinos Allow Players Win With a No Deposit Bonus?

Casinos are very smart. They know that it would be difficult for players to resist using their real cash to play after they won through a no deposit bonus. So, they allow them to play first without depositing any cash. And once they get a player playing, they would definitely prepare levels where such player would lose. They allow players play with a no deposit bonus through the following ways;

  • Have a "player’s card”;
  • Remember to redeem your free play;
  • Insert some money to be granted access to free play;
  • Play the game well to be able to redeem cash from free play and cash out.

It is recommended that you stop playing before you get to the level where you would lose the money you deposited.