Keno Superstitions

Keno superstitions Keno superstitions

A great deal of people still believes that games of chance can someway be broken. Others think that only Lady Luck can make the decision. Yet, it is very tempting to try to obtain a mathematical edge over the casino using strategies or popular winning methods – provided they really work for sure. So where does the truth reside in?

Keno is quantifiable

Casino games involve figures and numbers. They are all quantifiable. Now, you may think that some games are more quantifiable than others, which is in a sense pretty normal. But poker being more quantifiable than keno does not mean that you can’t use a mathematical approach to give you the upper hand! It is obvious that gamblers can give their best shot at some skilled games but they will never really be able to count cards or take notes or calculate odds. Online casinos have been using RNG (random number generators) for years and it is becoming tough to break the law.

Systems are garbage

More and more gamblers now trust systems. We could define them as strategies that may help the player to predict the right numbers. Systems can apparently predict the future by observing and assessing the past (weird thought)! But one should not forget that keno is a 80-number lottery game. The chances of a player hitting all the right numbers is only 80:1. It is crazy to believe that analyzing the past will help you foretell things! How could any system turn random into some sort of skilled procedure? This is clearly impossible.

To each his own

Some people have their own superstitions. They may trust systems, but they may also want to rely on luck. After all why not? You believe your date of birth, the day you met your girlfriend or some other odd numbers can provide you with big winnings? This is understandable. Unfortunately, myths and superstitions do not live in logical ground. Casino games are plain random. Those who have wanted to let their luck speak have lost so much money in the process!

Our advice is therefore to have fun. Keep it cool and stay realistic. You do not have to fall for anyone’s scams or think that you can easily crack the game or break the rules. Keno is a fantastic game: it is not very expensive to play, it can provide you with huge winnings and it is fun! So, why would your waste the opportunity? Just give online keno a try and stay simple and keep smiling! After all, this is just a game!

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