Keno Rules

Keno rules Keno rules

Keno is an online game similar to Lotto. First introduced in far-East Asia, this game was brought to the United States in the 19th century by some immigrants. Keno is a popular entertainment, easy to play and peculiarly interesting as it offers many large payouts.

In brief…

Keno is usually played in land-based casinos and online platforms. However, the way we play this game is slightly different if you play it on the Internet. In fact, when you play Keno online you will never find keno runners collecting tickets and delivering winnings. Virtual Keno games offered by online casinos are a bit more like the slot-like machines displayed in land-based casinos: the player needs to expense credits or to insert coins to start playing. When you play Keno online, you will realize that rules are quite the same with standard Keno and you will get the results pretty much faster.

How to play Keno

  • At Keno, the player needs to choose a minimum of 4 numbers and a maximum of 10 numbers between 1 and 80. Therefore the player has a large range of possibilities. Each number is described as a “spot”. When the player selects 5 numbers, we usually say that he is playing 5 spot games.
  • Once the player has chosen the numbers he wants to play with, he just has to wait. The online casino’s software will automatically mark the numbers of his selection on a blank Keno ticket displayed on the screen.
  • Ultimately, twenty numbered balls will get drawn randomly. If the player has enough selected numbers drawn, he will win a prize. Results are all displayed on the computer’s screen.

Bets and winnings

Minimum bets can be as low as 10 cents at Keno, although some online casinos may only accept starting bets from 1€. The player should always consult the payout tables in order to get a clear idea of what he is likely to win or lose. Payoffs information is of paramount importance in online casino games. Regarding the amount of money the player can win, it varies according to the number of balls successively drawn and the wager. You can win up to 50 000€ at online Keno. Another element the player should take into account is the house advantage which varies according to the Keno game played. It is usually around 30%. Chances of hitting one right number are of 0.25%, which is why Keno is not so obvious to play. But in some more exotic games such as Keno involving multiple races, the player may benefit from better probabilities.