Keno Glossary

Keno glossary Keno glossary

All or Nothing

A specific keno ticket that pays when all picked numbers get drawn.


Keno balls have the size of Bingo and Ping Pong balls and are numbered from 1 to 80.


Refers to the casino’s money that is available for each player while doing financial operations.


Term describing the sum of money players can wager and possibly lose.


The amount of money possibly subject to loss.


This is the keno’s original name. The two games are quite different today but they do use the same numbered balls.

Buy-In Tournament

A tournament type where players pay a defined fee and play a predetermined number of games and tickets.


The casino employee who is used of calling the numbers out during the game.


A keno variation where players have to catch all the numbers they have marked on their tickets.

Combination Ticket

A single ticket containing diverse categories of wagers.


Term describing two keno spots that are grouped together.


A draw is the reunion of 20 numbers drawn for each casino game.

Edge Ticket

A ticket with 32 numbers marked.

Expected Value

When a specific outcome is expected to happen.

Free Play

A free keno game at which no money or bet is involved.

High Roller Ticket

A ticket having a rather high minimum ticket price.


Aftermath of a specific drawn number matching the required spot on the ticket’s player.


General term referring to the casino.

House Edge

Also known as Percent casino. This is the rate of all wagers the casino can expect to win, over a specific period of time.


The payoff total amount.

Keno Board

The electronic symbols that display the numbers drawn for a keno draw.


This is the average total payout liability of a casino during a keno race.

Live Keno

Reverse of Video Keno, which underpins the game played on tickets.


Algorithmic probability of an outcome. We also say ratio.


The shape can have one or several keno tickets.


The amount won by the player for the tickets he played.

Pay Table

A table or chart that indicates the different wins of the games and the amount they respectively pay.


The amount of money that is paid to the player when he has a winning ticket.


Term describing a single keno game.

Random Number Generator

A computer program or software that is used of selecting randomly the numbers involved during the game.


The numbers that are marked on a keno ticket.

Straight Ticket

The standard type of ticket players can encounter in a casino.


Keno tickets are with 80 numbers and are used by players to mark their spots.