Extreme solutions for winning the lottery

Extreme solutions for winning the lottery Extreme solutions for winning the lottery

No matter what game you choose to play, it is important to now which exactly are your chances to win, so that you don’t set your hopes too high.

Keno and lottery games are particularly difficult to beat, at least when it comes to winning the large prizes, but few know exactly what the odds are. When it comes to the UK lottery jackpot players should head on to for all the information they need regarding the prizes. The amount of data can feel overwhelming but with a bit of patience, those interested will get the answers that they seek.

The jackpot is the reason for why everybody is playing, whether they acknowledge it or not, so it makes perfect sense to start the analysis by taking a look at the chances of winning it. Numbers speak louder than words and in this case the message they convey is not the one that many lottery players were hoping to hear. In order to correctly indicate all the six numbers out of a pool of 49, one will need to be extremely lucky as the odds are one in 14 millions. More often it happens that somebody wins the £100,000 by hitting five numbers and the bonus one, with a chance in roughly two millions for this to occur.

Lower-tier prizes are more easy to win and even though they don’t reward the same amounts, the sums are enough to deliver great return on investment. One in every fifty five thousand players will on average indicate five numbers and take amounts revolving around £1,500 which is still a decent compensation for a ticket that costs only £1. The same can’t be said for those who have only four or three numbers on their tickets, as they will rake prizes of £65 and £1.

Those who like to play Keno, bingo and other games involving numbers know how difficult it is to win the largest prize. The vast majority rely exclusively on luck and don't even bother themselves with systems, but others are willing to spend as much time as it takes to unveil a working strategy. Four Japanese thought that they have found a shortcut for winning the lottery and their extreme solution involved a lotto shack heist. Shigeru Aikoh spearheaded the theft as he stole thousands of scratch and win tickets hoping that a part of them would make him rich overnight.

While the young painter focused mostly on lottery tickets, his accomplices targeted an orthopedic clinic and several tobacco shops. None were very lucky because they were apprehended by the police, but Shigeru Aikoh prove to be the most disappointed one. In his statement he said that despite stealing hundreds of lottery tickets none of them helped him secure a large prize and overall he didn't make a lot of money by targeting the lotto shack. The authorities said otherwise and suggested the fact that the painter turned thief still converted a part of the stolen tickets into several thousands dollars.

Mr. Shigeru Aikoh will have plenty of time to think about what other lottery system might work as he will spend the next couple of years in jail. Honest players who test their luck every week, shouldn't be deterred by the fact that not even stealing hundreds of tickets can make one rich, because if you are to be lucky a single slip is enough. Keno might not produce the same outstanding wins as regular lottery games, but with 20 numbers extracted in each draw, it is less likely to leave empty-handed.