Keno Players

Keno players Keno players

Keno is a lottery game similar to Lotto and unlike many other casino entertainments where bettors must compete directly between each other, Keno is played by one single player. Keno is a game of chance and it is difficult to issue tactics in order to increase odds and probabilities. Thus, the psychological dimension residing in Keno is much stronger than ever. There is a profusion of profiles that it is essential to decrypt.

The beginner player

At Keno, there is a chance factor which is more than significant. And as in most of casino games, it's the beginner who benefits from this chance. The latter will land in the middle of the casino by chance and discover the game for the first time. The beginner is doubtful, especially curious but cautious. During his first attempt, he will be probably having the support of his "lucky star" and will hit the jackpot. Nevertheless, do not misunderstand, the beginner is in no way unbeatable character and as soon as Lady Chance will leave him, you’ll have many opportunities to strike it rich.

The superstitious player

Other players believe in myths and superstitions which is understandable in a game like Keno that somehow requires chance. The goal of any game is to take fun and the superstitious player is probably an endless epicurean. Playing brings happiness, fun and the superstitious player prefers to confide in random. The superstitious player meets two criteria: the positive profile - described above, and the negative profile. Indeed, it happens that the superstitious player suffers from neurosis and anxiety, the latter feeling permanently anxiety because he fears failure more than anything.

The strategist player

Contrary to the thousand and thousand of beginners and superstitious players, the strategist is a fine tactician who loves using mathematical methods to ensure victory. While talking about a “Keno strategy” seems audacious, this type of player knows how to adapt a strategy based on the choice of the numbers he has. The strategist player actually has the advantage on the other because he can select a pertinent combination in advance. He knows how to calculate probabilities, he can update data and observe statistics information in real time.

The High Roller

Commonly known as a ”Big player", the High Roller has a big purse. He cannot end betting and betting again as he strongly believes his financial capital will enable him to hit the jackpot one day. This type of player does not really need to set limits before playing. He can be either a dreamer or a strategist, the High Roller is a little like Uncle Scrooge: he has money to resell and does not hesitate to use it to win and especially have fun.

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