Keno keeps abreast with technology

Not so long ago the very idea of playing bingo online sounded unreasonable, but these days everybody is taking this kind of perk for granted.

Fortunately, those who host the gaming platforms are not dwelling on the technology that is currently in use, and constantly adjust their Adobe flash and Java techs. Those who have powerful computers that can run pretty much any software, don't find any problem to download applications and play their favorite game after the installation is complete. Others are very concerned with privacy and are also in the possession of computers that have difficulties in running certain apps.

These are not the only ones that love the fact that now Keno can be played directly in the browser, with absolutely no downloads required. Smart phone users, those who have tablets, or PDAs are all the beneficiaries of the latest technologies that make the game instantly available. When choosing a virtual Keno hall, make sure that it supports this kind of instant gaming, because not all the online casinos have implemented this technology. It has gained a lot of traction recently, so players won't have to scratch off too many casinos from their list to find one that meets all their expectations, including this specific one.

In exchange for all of this convenience, players are taking different chances, and the most frequent dangers are associated with the software itself. Always choose a casino that is powered by respectable software, whether you choose to limit yourself to Keno or are willing to experiment with other types of games. Last but not least, don't fall in the trap of wrongdoers by downloading applications from websites that you don't fully trust, because the risk of malware, viruses and Trojans is all too real.

Each week, there are two draws for the national lottery and players have the chance to win millions in both of them. Nevertheless, Saturday enjoys the more popular ones because this is the day when most people acquire tickets and this explains why the jackpots are usually higher. This has no impact on the actual chances of winning the biggest prize, as they remain unchanged regardless of how the prizes fluctuate. Most players are comfortable with purchasing tickets and then bother themselves no longer with mathematical calculations, but some want to know exactly what their chances are to win the jackpot.

From the very beginning we must say that the odds are far from encouraging, with only one in roughly 14,000,000 tickets being a winner. There are this many combinations but there is no guarantee that all of them will be covered even if the number of purchased tickets exceeds this value. With most players focusing on smaller numbers that have a personal signification to them, when big numbers are extracted from the plastic ball, the odds of having a jackpot turnover are increased. The average lottery jackpot is of £2 million but when nobody wins for consecutive draws, it can climb as high as ten millions.

The odds are significantly decreased for American lotteries such as the Mega Millions or Powerball, because in addition to those standard six numbers players have to indicate an additional one. On the other hand, the size of the jackpot is considerably higher therefore it is justified to take more risks. Frowning upon lower prizes is a mistake, because even by having five numbers on the betting sleep, players can still win a decent amount. At the opposite end of both profits and risks, stands the £10 payout which is awarded to players who indicate correctly three numbers.