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Online Keno: Your Online Keno Headquarters

Keno is a very notorious game both in online and based-land casinos. It is actually pretty similar to Bingo and other lottery games where rules are really easy to learn: players have to try to determine which of the 80 numbers will be drawn and will eventually get paid according to the right numbers they have picked. You can actually win a lot of money with this game as it is explained here :

Learn the rules

Those who are not familiar with Keno cards will know everything about it in this online Keno website. Indeed, players are used to choosing cards numbered from 1 to 80 and arranged in 8 rows of 10 numbers each. Players have to mark some of the numbers displayed in the Keno card -the ones they think that will get drawn at random- but online casinos often limit the amount of numbers that can be chosen, as you can see on our website, in the example we give you.

Learn its history

We are sure you are curious about the origins of Keno. The best way to get started is to go back in time and admire the evolution of this very simple game. Before these small ping pong- like balls exist, Keno was very archaic and its rules changed progressively. From China to the United-Stated, from a land-based game to a virtual entertainment, Keno made quite a long trip and got to adjust to different cultures and societies.

Learn strategies

This is not easy to win at Keno as numbers are drawn randomly using a specific RNG technology. How can we pick 20 right numbers between 1 and 80 without losing money? There is no way to cheat as once the balls are drawn, all submitted Keno card eventually get checked. That’s how the casino can determine the winner. Furthermore, players are paid out based on the pay table and neophytes cannot understand these fundamentals unless someone explain to them what are the little tricks than must be known before playing at Keno. We are just about to do that for you! And also, you can adapt some nice french strategies to win but for that, you need to read this article only available in French.

Play free Keno

Next essential step is practice, there is no other secret as says Jan, one of our specialist. Once you will get it all, we will provide you with free keno games. This is the best way to train before waging real money within an online casino! When you play Keno online, everything looks most simple. You just have to mark off the numbers you want to bet on and then, you need to click “Play”. Here we are, playing online Keno! That’s it! Playing your favorite game has never been so easy!

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