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Keno is a very notorious game both in online and land based casinos if you’ve never played it. It is actually pretty similar to Bingo and other popular regulated lottery games in lottoland, the rules are really easy to learn and the game is really easy to play, but as with most games of chance and online gambling you just have to be lucky. In both traditional and online keno, players have to try to determine which of the 80 numbers will be drawn then bet on these numbers, eventually getting paid according to the numbers they have wagered on correctly. You can actually win a lot of extra money with this game and get max profit, to read more, these experts explain for you here:

Free Online Keno: It’s great for beginners to use free Keno Slot games and save their own money for later!

Those who are not familiar with Keno cards can learn more about the action and everything about this lottery game from our resource for keno online plus get all the daily keno winning numbers and results live on our site. Keno game cards are numbered from 1 to 80 and arranged in 8 rows of 10 numbers each. Players then have to mark some choices from the numbers displayed on the Keno card - the ones they think that will get drawn at random. Online casinos will often limit the amount of numbers that you can play as you can see in the example we give you on our website. Before you deposit and play keno online for money it pays to know all the house rules and different variants available, so you can select both the right casino and types of keno online that are most suitable for you.

A game of chance steeped in rich history! Free online keno has been rewarding the player cash prizes for decades.

We’re sure you are curious about the origins of Keno. The best way to get started is to go back in time and admire the evolution of this very simple, yet super game. Before these small ping pong-style lottery balls ever existed, Keno was very archaic and its rules changed progressively. From China to the United States, from a land-based lottery game to a form of virtual online entertainment, Keno made quite a long trip and gained influence from different cultures and societies.

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It is not easy to win at Keno as numbers are drawn randomly using RNG (Random Number Generator) technology during the prize draw. So how can we choose 20 numbers correctly between 1 and 80 without losing money when betting? There is no way to cheat as once the balls are drawn, all submitted Keno cards eventually get checked, that’s how the casino can determine who is the winner. Furthermore, players are paid out based on the set pay table and beginners usually cannot understand these fundamentals unless someone explains it to them. By playing free online keno games with bonus cards it’s possible to increase your odds of winning while you’re developing your own strategy. Play keno free, win real money… what could be better?

Where can you find the best Keno online? What are all the little tricks and strategies that you should know before playing Keno? What are the keno numbers that come up the most? We answer all these questions and more with our keno lotto tips found throughout our guides and articles! For the more experienced online players out there, the ‘lifelong disciples of keno online’, you can adapt some really nice French and European strategies for winning.

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The next essential step this how to is practice, there is no other added secret says Jan, one of our gambling specialists. Once you understand the game and its subtle nuances, we will provide you with free keno games. This is the best way to train before wagering real money at an online casino! Alongside regular online casino games like online slot machines, poker games, roulette, baccarat, video poker and blackjack, playing keno online is possible via mobile casino too. It’s the same casino software developers like Microgaming, Playtech or NetEnt who develop different variants of Keno online so the majority of online keno games are mobile compatible and of a very high quality.

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Online keno play is really simple. You just have to mark off the numbers on the tickets you want to wager on and then you need to click “Play”. It’s as easy as that! You’re now all set to play online Keno! Playing your favourite game online has never been so easy!

But wait… before you play now, have you selected the best online casino in this case? Do they offer instant cash prize tournaments? Do they have a live casino to play keno live online with a real keno draw? Do they offer a progressive jackpot? Also do they offer rewards and bonuses for keno online and do they have a high roller promotion if you’re a VIP club member?

Do choose the right casino from the web and have a browse, games which offers those online real money jackpots can be fakes and a few sites have been closed down across the internet from the USA, Australia and in the Philippines also. Look out for casinos certified with commission approval, there are a number that match every online gaming criteria, but its best to double check before you join and keep your money safe. Whether its gambling online for cash and winning with real money or to just watch keno live, the bottom line is to have fun and it’s more fun with free casino bonuses that come from online promotions.

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